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  • Charted: The Growth in U.S. House Prices by State in 2024

Charted: The Growth in U.S. House Prices by State in 2024

Also, Mapped: Median Income by State in 2024 and 8 more Real Estate Insights

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Real Estate Trends

New listings are growing and prices still aren't crashing link

  • Housing inventory is increasing, yet national home prices remain stable without dramatic drops. This is due to the persistent influence of supply and demand economics.

  • The new listing data is growing year over year but will be the second-lowest ever recorded, with a peak of only 72,329 listings, below the minimum target of 80,000. This indicates a still constrained market despite the growth in inventory.

  • The current market is not comparable to the stressed seller market of 2008-2011 when home prices crashed. Even with increased inventory, the market dynamics differ significantly from that period.

New Home Sales Down 16.5% in May link


  • The U.S. Government is reporting that sales of new single-family houses in May, 2024 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 619k, which is 11.3% lower than April’s revised rate and is 16.5% lower than one year ago.

  • The median sales price of new houses sold in May was $417,400 with an average sales price of $520k.

  • There were an estimated 481k new houses for sale at the end of May representing a 9.3-month supply at the current sales rate.

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Something I found Interesting

Suburbs outpace big cities for housing inventory growth: StorageCafe link

  • Housing supply in suburbs and exurbs is growing faster than in major cities, driven by affordability, more space, and a slower pace of life. Southern and Sun Belt markets, particularly in Texas and Florida, dominate this growth.

  • Over the past decade, housing inventory in exurbs grew by an average of 15%, compared to 14% in suburbs and 10% in principal cities. Population growth followed a similar trend, with exurbs growing by 16%, suburbs by 13%, and principal cities by 9%.

  • Vineyard, Utah, saw the most significant inventory growth, increasing its stock by over 7,000% in ten years. Other top-growing cities include Blackwells Mills, New Jersey; Fulshear, Texas; Woodbridge, Virginia; and Nocatee, Florida.

  • Major cities like Austin and Fort Worth also saw substantial growth in housing supply, with increases of 23% and 21%, respectively. This was attributed to the influx of tech companies and startups, which attract young professionals and families.

  • Rising home prices and low inventory levels are pushing Americans from urban cores to suburbs and exurbs. Millennials and Generation Z are leading this trend, seeking lower density areas and rural charm.

Location Specific

ADUs Outpace Single-Family Homes in San Diego link

  • San Diego County issued nearly 12,000 building permits last year, a 21% increase from 2022. This marks the largest construction surge in 17 years, indicating strong growth in the housing sector.

  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have seen a significant rise, surpassing single-family home permits. This trend reflects a shift towards more flexible and affordable housing solutions.

  • The increased focus on ADUs suggests a response to housing shortages and affordability issues. These units provide additional living spaces without the need for expansive land development.

One Chart

Mapped: The Growth in U.S. House Prices by State in 2024


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Mapped: Median Income by State in 2024


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